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That is a question often asked. Unfortunately, there is not a standard dosage or right amount of CBDA that a user should take. The dosage or serving amount will vary for every user. When considering your dosage amount, consider things like your body weight, wellness goals, age, metabolism and the reason for taking CBDA products. These reasons should be based on your own unique body and overall health and wellness goals. At first, try a small amount/dosage, finding the right dosage amount will be a process of trial and error. For more information on CBDA Dosage, figuring out milligram amounts in products, and more; see our helpful guide on the following page: CBDA Dosage Page


All of our CBDA products may be taken on a daily basis without the high-like feeling, such as when taking products that have a traceable amount of THC. Our products are made using the purest high quality grown hemp in Michigan, handmade and THC Free.

If you haven’t introduced CBDA to your body before, it might not be the best idea to go all-in right away with a large amount of daily CBDA. We recommend you start with a low dose and then grow into the daily dose your body needs. For more information on CBDA Dosage, figuring out milligram amounts in products, and more; see our helpful guide on the following page: CBDA Dosage Page



Every product will have a different level of potency. Potency refers to the concentration of CBDA in a product. After choosing your product, you’ll need to decide the milligrams of CBDA you want to take. We are not medical professionals, we cannot prescribe a potency level for each user. However, this can be discovered with some research and a talk with your physician.

Each user will need to consider the potency of the CBDA product they will be using. If you are looking to begin your daily routine with a low potency CBDA product, we recommend starting with our CBDA Salve and CBDA Body Butter.  For a medium potency, our CBDA Tincture Oil would be a good start. Tincture Oil can be easily built up to create an ideal serving size for each user.


Once you have chosen the potency you’d like to use in your daily routine, we suggest starting with the serving size that you feel comfortable with. Every user’s serving size and frequency of dosage will be different and should be determined by the individual user. Take the same serving size at the same time of day for a week and then reflect on how you feel. If after a week you are not achieving your desired results, increase the serving size and continue your new routine for another week. Repeat this process until you feel that your proper serving size has been identified.

 When it comes to CBDA oil & topicals, it’s important to know that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ dosage. With any natural substance, the amount needed to reach a certain effect or benefit is unique to each user. Our recommendation is to use the products for 5-7 days to determine the best dosage for you.

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