Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee Beans.
Bag weight: 250grams

Our pure coffee is a low acidity coffee with a sweet and creamy body flavor. Offered in Light Roast, Medium Roast, & Dark Roast.

Pure Coffee Pricing

Bags Price
Single Bag $14
Two Bags $26
Three Bags $39
Four Bags $52
Five Bags $60


Ant Hills Farm Coffee

We want you to know exactly where you’re getting your coffee from, Northern Growin’ did that background work for you. We spent time living in Costa Rica and getting to know 5th generation coffee farmers for 70 days in 2020 December/2021 January and February.

We source Costa Rican Green Beans, directly from the Costa Rican farmer.


  • The farms are situated at 4200 ft elevation.
  • Shade grown in the mountains.
  • 100% handpicked & fair wages.

100% Hand Picked at Fair Wages – Sourced Direct From Costa Rican Farmers