The popularity of hemp-derived products (also known as CBD/CBDA/CBG products) has been on the market for some time now, with millions of people trying to figure out which brand, which type, and how to choose find and choose a brand to trust. Unfortunately, the demand for hemp-derived products has flooded the marketplace confusing consumers & making it almost impossible to choose. We hope you find these 5 tips helpful in finding the right hemp-derived product for you.

Know-How to Look for Quality 

Quality begins with ingredients, know how to look for quality ingredients. Obviously, natural hemp-derived CBD or CBDA is an essential component, but you should also look for ingredients such as terpenes. Terpenes in any hemp-derived product may help the body in three important ways. Terpenes help improve our body’s ability to absorb through the blood-brain barrier, overcome bacterial defense mechanisms, and increase the absorption and effectiveness of cannabinoids. Terpenes also help give hemp plants their characteristic flavor, aroma, and color. When you are looking for hemp-derived products for sale, look to the other ingredients, as well. The ingredients should be all-natural, organic (if possible), and easily pronounceable, so you know what is going into your body. To ensure the best quality hemp-derived products, check that the product has a COA (certificate of analysis) or lab reports from a third-party testing facility. 

Know Where to Look 

Knowing where to look for pure, potent, high-quality hemp-derived (CBD) products isn’t as easy as it sounds. As most hemp-derived consumers purchase online, we still recommend you be careful in your choice. Online commerce for hemp-derived products is overwhelming with suppliers on the market it can become overwhelming for those researching for the first time. We recommend looking at their website, testimonials, product labels, ingredients and etc. Ask friends, family, or a trusted source that has bought or sells hemp-derived products. It is also not uncommon to even ask your physician if they have a recommendation.

Know Where the Hemp Comes From

Okay, now that you may have found where you will purchase your hemp-derived products, doing research on the company or supplier you choose is important. Is the company transparent about where its products come from? Reputable hemp-derived companies often boast about where their hemp comes from. Is it organically grown, sourced from a local farm, state, region? Quality hemp-derived companies or suppliers often explain their process and how their products come to be. Most will have an oversight or summary of their process, from growing, testing, picking, and extracting the hemp plants used in their products. Look for information on why to choose the company or their story and the history of their company or brand.

Know Where & How to Look For Third-Party Testing 

The truth about third-party testing is unfortunately is not standard practice for some companies in the hemp-derived industry. The hemp-derived product industry is highly unregulated. This results in unethical behavior by CBD manufacturers. They commonly & artificially inflate or lie about the ingredients in their products. It also may be possible that some of these companies are selling products that may have been contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or other harmful ingredients.
That’s why we recommend always purchasing hemp-derived products from a company that uses third-party testing and COA’s (certificate of analysis). The entire purpose of third-party or independent lab testing is to provide an unbiased analysis of their products. These tests are used to indicate the quality, purity, and potency of a hemp sample within their products.
When a company specializing in hemp-derived products is committed to the purity, potency, and quality of their products, they don’t rely entirely on in-house testing and quality assurance. We recommend choosing a hemp-derived company or supplier that ensures third-party testing. This means that they trust in their product enough to get it independently tested & verified. This ensures that you receive the same product quality and consistency with every purchase. 

Committed to Being Organic 

There is an overall increasing demand among consumers for products that are organic and not just hemp-related products. Unfortunately, many non-organic hemp-derived products contain or are made with toxins, pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals that can harm both the environment and our bodies.
The organic hemp-derived companies should be able to offer their consumers clear traceability and origin of the hemp used in their products. May companies also invest in organic certification & organic farming for their company/brand. Organic certification and/or organically grown hemp is one way to differentiate one company from others in the flooded CBD marketplace today. As a consumer, organic certification or organic transparency of where their hemp comes from provides a form of quality assurance to skeptical consumers. When a hemp-derived CBD company meets organic standards and has both internal and third-party lab testing, you can shop with the confidence of knowing that your hemp-derived products will be worth your money and from a trustworthy source. Look for a hemp-derived company that prioritizes transparency about their process, testing standards, accreditations, and values. The purity and potency of hemp-derived products make a big difference, so don’t compromise for quality. 

In summary, Northern Growin’ believes in creating a brand trusted by its consumers. We start by choosing the highest quality organically farmed hemp possible. We feel this can only be achieved by locally sourcing the hemp and seeing it for ourselves. Our products are simple, handmade from organically grown hemp, and contain the purest ingredients possible. We believe in our purpose to produce the highest quality CBDA products on the market. 

When purchasing Northern Growin’s CBDA products, you are supporting small businesses like us. From everyone at Northern Growin’, we say Thank You!


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